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When YouTube started, nobody imagined the tremendous success that it would have nor the amount of hours of video that will be uploaded every minute, but nowadays it has become YouTube as the second most important search engine in the world but unlike Google in YouTube searches very specific multimedia content.
For example, there are many people who look for music, others look for episodes of a television series, others look for movies … and so, a very diverse amount of content and content want to download it to your computer to listen to it – in the case of music – often, for example, converted into an mp3 or converted into a video format, which can be mp4, Avi, FLV, or any other modern video format, in order to later play the video and watch the movie , the television series, the documentary, the tutorial they have downloaded, etc.


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The first reaction of many YouTube users is to download a video to watch later, either because it is a film or a documentary or any video that is long-lasting, and that is why the person can not see at that time and therefore decide to leave it later, or because he wants to reproduce it frequently.
For example, if it is a tutorial, he may even want to store it to have each chapter of the tutorial in order, and be able to consult it whenever he wants or when he needs it.
In sum, there are many reasons why a user yearns to be able to download to his computer some or some of the videos that are available on YouTube and this desire to have the video on his hard disk, perhaps even converted to another audio or video format. video, is something that was gradually given as YouTube was filled with very diverse content.


Youtube Downloader Mp3

Obviously as soon as the MP3 Boom was generated, which originated because it allowed to save a lot of space on the hard disk, without losing sound quality, this impelled the fact that people looked for ways to download the MP3s to their computer and soon They discovered that they could download music videos from YouTube and convert them to some audio format, the most popular being the MP3.
Then they could make a complete collection of their favorite MP3s without using “risky” programs like napster or methods like Torrent or any other of those download methods that showed a certain degree of insecurity … and instead they could download from YouTube the music video and simply convert it to an audio video and that satisfied the desire of them to create a musical collection.


How to download from youtube

the first forms that were used to download videos from YouTube were quite naive, and in addition the user had to later convert the downloaded file to his computer, this little by little has been improving until arriving in our program, which is already quite sophisticated, so that the person simply selects what is the final format he wants and decides which video he wants to download and without further intervention and without needing any other action he gets the final result he wanted

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A question that many people asked themselves a while ago was if it was possible to download videos and convert them to MP3 or some other quality audio format and manage to maintain a high quality of audio in that file today the question has been amply answered and the people knows that it uses modern and advanced programs like ours, the quality of audio and also the video quality in case you want to download a film, a documentary or some other video, the quality is also optimal.

It is obviously important to take into account the issue of copyright, we recommend that users do not download any audio or video file for which they do not have authorization from the legitimate owners of the copyright, or they are not themselves owners of copyright. Of course we do not assume any responsibility for the actions that the user makes with the software, which has educational purposes only.

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As we mentioned earlier in this text, naturally the need was given to users to download the videos in the MP4 format, or any other high quality video format, to be able to visualize later, when they had time available, these videos .
This is for multiple reasons, some of which we already explained. For example you can treat a long film, a documentary too long, you can even try serial tutorials, of which the user wants to download the different chapters of the tutorial to then go back to consult … in short, there are a multiplicity of reasons what can make a person want to have one of the videos on their computer so they can watch it later


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For the possibility of downloading videos to be really functional and efficient, it is necessary to have the option to convert them in one step to another format that is more necessary for the purposes that the user has planned.

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An important need was to have the option to stop an executable that runs on the Windows platform and that will perform this download and conversion of the video. Because people do not always feel comfortable using online services from sites whose reputation they do not know, and which can disappear at any moment … that’s why people prefer to have a program installed, which I trusted and also knows that it will be available there at all times.

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As we said at the beginning that there was a boom of the MP3 a few decades ago, we should comment now, that later another Boom was generated: the Boom of the MP4. Well, although there are multiple video formats, the MP4 became the standard for videos that were viewed from a website And then people were interested in having a way to download these MP4 and store them on the computer


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But of course there are a lot of audio and video formats, and that has a reason for being, and that is that each format has its virtues and has its advantages … that’s why our software offers the best known formats and most popular, so that the user decides which one is more useful at the moment, and can thus select the conversion that will be generated when downloading the video from YouTube.



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