Why do people want to download videos from YouTube?

Why do people want to download videos from YouTube?

There is always a reason for things to happen and this is no exception … possibly some of you have wondered, more than once, because people have the need to listen to music … because life would be unimaginable without music .

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The philosopher Federico Nietzche said “Life without music would be a mistake” and we all know that this is the case.
As much as our musical tastes may be very different, among us, anyway, each of us feels an important attraction to music … in fact music gets what few human expressions achieve and we talk about transmitting powerful emotions to the human being.

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Another Greek philosopher, Aristotle made mathematical calculations of the vibrations that produced the different notes and found that there was some natural harmony, harmony in the physical sense between the different notes of the scale, and it is possible that this somehow influences so that the music can produce the effect that manages to produce.

Other scholars have shown a theory which would explain that as living beings that we are and that we are part of nature, we react to sound in a natural way. How it has been shown that animals also react to sound in a natural way, and even plants grow better if they play music … and it is possible that the explanation is due to one of our most important senses being the sense of Listen, because it helps us to be very alert about what happens around us: the lightning, the thunder, the sounds of a strong wind, hurricanes, tornadoes, tremors … are a warning signal … they frighten exactly as an explosive sound frightens a dog, we are frightened by sounds that imply states of insecurity and that are always sounds that do not comply with this harmony of which we spoke.

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On the other hand if what we hear is the calm, the tranquility, the little birds, the water falling serenely from a fountain or a waterfall … so that we can realize that all these animals that surround us are calm and sing and in addition, the sound of the wind is soft, more like a Breeze and the water makes a sound that involves calmness with a small drop of water as a source unlike the Great waves … all this reassures us, makes us feel well, it makes us feel that we are in a safe situation, and here we mention harmony, even a mathematical harmony in the vibrations of sounds, and it is very possible that music is based on all these situations to produce the most diverse states of mood ranging from the romantic, to the dynamic, the happy, the danceable and many other emotions that music can awaken in us and all this because we are finally living beings whose senses are made to monitor the world and what monitoring is for, tell us the state of things and that state of external things produces a certain feeling for us … this has generated music to be such an important part of our lives, that accompanies us in each moment, accompanies us in sufferings, accompanies us joys, accompanies us the longings, accompanies us in sadness, accompanies us in the moments of dance, accompanies us in heroic moments … for every situation there is a music

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This is why people want to have music … music that transmits the feelings that the person wants to experience and that is why it has this impetus very difficult to stop looking for and obtain this music … Download the YouTube or any other place, to convert it to the format that is easier for you to reproduce so that you can have it on hand and listen to it when you are in the right mood or in which the person wishes the music to take him to that mood.

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Surely this is why trying to fight people exchange music files or people download music files from YouTube or the network has been so difficult … because people feel the need to download music, to convert it to a format that You can Play easily, so you can listen to it How many times you want and at the time you want to do it. Obviously people do not have large amounts of money to get all this music … and then you want to download it online, download it for free, you want to convert it for free
It is that he feels the need to listen to it since that modifies the mood of the people.

This explanation of why people want to download music from YouTube is perhaps a very psychological explanation, which goes very deeply to people’s feelings, but it is surely the real reason why people want to download YouTube music for free.



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